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Hello Tradingviewers

I don’t claim that anything I share is original, but I will never intentionally steal someone else’s work other than using plug and play pieces of code that are shared publicly because that’s how I’m learning to code in the first place

I started learning to trade and code on this very platform few months ago, AKA noob on both fronts and I still am. Many thanks to those of you who share their ideas, studies and strategies with us for free. I personally owe you most of what I know trading-related
Long story short, I ended up experimenting with all different kinds of code, some of it has no kind of logic behind it at least for me, but the results are somehow interesting, that’s why I thought about sharing them, also it is fun anyway 😊

Indicator info:
- Alert conditions implemented “autoview friendly”
- Use Heikin Ashi candles for better smoothing
- WARNING: Avoid use in a bear market
Any kind of feedback is appreciated, coding advice and such…
Feel free to use and share but please no commercial use. Happy trading everyone

As crypto is my only source of income, donations are most welcome if any of my work prove useful to you. Just a cup of tea that is
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LTC: LW4TP527c3HK6FnewXRZt3i6jnrhAynJMA
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