this indicator is mainly used for fast trading techniques (scalping). provides various tools for comprehensive trend analysis.
5 EMAs are used to have possible market entry or exit signals.

Thanks to the combination of the EMAs of different timeframes,
you can immediately get an idea of ​​the resistances or supports
of the higher timeframes.

Lines are drawn on the right side indicating the maximum, minimum and opening
of the day, past day, week and past week respectively.
These levels are excellent as price acceleration points.

There are three types of signals that are monitored by this indicator:

- Shimano
This signal is generated if the price remains compressed between two EMAs, more precisely between the third and the fifth, at the point where the price breaks one of these EMAs there can be a strong price movement.

- Viagra
This signal is generated if the price remains below the second EMA for a long time without ever closing above / below, at the point where it closes by climbing over the EMA there may be a change in trend.

This signal is generated if a positive candle is formed and subsequently at least two that close within the high and low of the positive candle. Where the price breaks through the high of the positive candle is a great entry point.
Информация о релизе: - add auto EMA timeframe 3m
- bug fix EMA timeframe 4h
Информация о релизе: Update layout input panel
Информация о релизе: change all automatic EMA on a daily basis.
add alert EMA 10
fix bug alert EMA9
Информация о релизе: comment EMA 10 for bug over 200
Информация о релизе: Add signal BUD for SHORT
Информация о релизе: - Add "Crossing" and "Anti-crossing" signal
- Add auto drawing lines (High - Open - Low) if the percentage is less than 2%
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