Noro's Trend MAs Strategy v1.7

Trade strategy which uses only 2 MA.
The slow MA (blue) is used for definition of a trend
The fast MA (red) is used for an entrance to the transaction


- For H1
- For crypto/fiat


Long = true (if it is profitable as a result of backtests)
Short = true (if it is profitable as a result of backtests)
Stops = false
Stop, % = any
Type of slow MA = 7 (only for Crypto/Fiat)
Source of slow MA = close or OHLC4
Use Fast MA = true
Fast MA Period = 5
Slow MA Period = 20
Bars Q = (2 for "BitCoin/Fiat" or 1 for "Fork/Fiat")

In the new version 1.7

+ stoporders
+ entry arrow (black)

Types of slow MA:

1 = SMA = Simple Moving Average
2 = EMA = Exponential Moving Average
3 = VWMA = Volume-Weighted Moving Average
4 = DEMA = Double Exponential Moving Average
5 = TEMA = Triple Exponential Moving Average
6 = KAMA = Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average
7 = Price Channel

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