Trends and volume

“Trends and volume” is a pair of ZigZag and Volume indicators. If in the ZigZag indicator a trend has changed from descending to ascending, and in the Volume indicator the volume of purchases (accumulation) exceeds the volume of sales (distribution), a signal to open a long position occurs.
Accordingly, the opening of a short position occurs with opposite indicators of trend and volume . The strategy has Volume smoothing settings and a ZigZag filter for selecting optimal settings on other instruments.

With default settings, the strategy allows you to make 2-4 successful trades per month, ideally shows the direction of the trades on the BINANCE:BTCUSDT , timeframe 1 hour.

Together with the “Trends and volume” backtest, you get the “Trends and volume alerts” indicator in which the alert function is built-in, you can set an alert for events: long entry and short entry.
Pay attention when you set alerts in the tradingview in the indicator, the true signal comes at the close of the hourly candle.

I can open demo access to the Trends and volume strategy for 15 days, for this write me.
Информация о релизе: Added directional arrows for trade
Информация о релизе: Show background Accumulation/Distribution
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Hi, Could I please have access,? this seems interesting. Thank you.
may i have access plz to try
Приветствую. Можно ли как то получить доступ к скрипту?)
Hi signalsr, I'd love to gain access to your script if that's possible. Cheers
Hi, please check chat :)
looks cool
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