Indicator “AP13”

Class: oscillator
Trading type: intraday
Time frame: 5 min – 15 min
Purpose: search for reverse points
Level of aggressiveness: aggressive

Indicator «AP13» is based on the Fractal Market Hypothesis. According to this hypothesis each price movement can be represented in form of a set of self-similar structures – fractals. To identify fractals in this indicator elements of Bill Williams’s trading system are used (see “Trading Chaos” by Bill Williams for details). They allow identifying local bottom and local top of the price movement.
Accordingly, when you know that price has reached the bottom (or top), you have enough information to build a trading strategy based on these signals: buy from the bottom and sell from the top. The novelty of this indicator is filtration of the fractals: only those ones which are in the current trend direction are displayed. As the result the quality of the signals from the indicator «AP13» is much higher comparing with classical fractal analogues.

Structure of the indicator

Indicator consists of the following elements:

- Triangles with titles – blue ones with “BUY” title and red ones with “SELL” title to indicate according trading signals;
- Red lines – stop-loss lines – lower line for the “buy” trades, upper line for the “sell” trades;
- Lime and orange lines trend lines used to identify the current tendencies.

Input parameters of the indicator

To set up the indicator a number of input parameters are used:

- Averaging Period – regulates the level of aggressiveness of the indicator – the less the parameter is more signals are generated;
- Stop multiplier – this parameter is used to detect stop-loss values. The higher the parameter is the bigger the stops are.

Rules of trading

Signal for “buy” is generated when a blue triangle with title “BUY” appears on the chart. Signal for “sell” is generated when a red triangle with title “SELL” appears on the chart.
For short (“sell”) positions stop-loss should be set above the upper red line. For long (“buy”) positions stop-loss should be set below the lower red line.
Take-profit is set near the previous fractal or position is closed when the opposite signal appears on the chart. One more possible option is to close position after certain period of time (for example a few candles after its opening).
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