[astropark] Long-Short Strategy V2

Buy/Long at next candle's open price when you see a green "B" label on the screen, considering green cloud as support for more buys/longs

Sell/short at next candle's open price when you see a red "S" label on the screen, considering red cloud as resistance for more shorts

If you appreciate my script, offer me a coffee , a beer, a pizza :)

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PS: Do you need a customization or do you need a dev who implements your strategy? send me a private message ;-)
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BTC jar: 1K5kuYQPEqoNo6GRmJbHWMPmqwKM5S3oRR
ETH jar: 0x091b541a6dd6fe08c4e7bd909baafb2fce9b975e

I'm a software engineer
> I develop script customizations and strategies for my customers
> I do one-on-one trading lessons and consultancies

Just DM me


unfortunately, it repaints .. when you refresh the chart at (S) or (B) which the price confirmed to be wrong few bars later, the (S) or (B) either deleted or adjust itself
I hope the author fix this issue .. fix the (S) or (B) once they appear .. at least your code will be at higher value when repainting is stopped
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@Fernas, working on it
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Hi followers,

you asked, I did it! Now you can set alarms on this strategy!

Check it out!

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nice repaint bruh, dislike 👎
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astropark takemoon
@takemoon, working on it, sadly this was one of my very first indicators I published, I was not eve aware of this problem. Besides that, support and resistance drawn are very reliable :)
Premium V3 will be available for trial next monday (11st of March 2019)

it looks amazing!
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astropark astropark
even better on 5m timeframe! :)))
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astropark astropark
sorry, here correct 5m chart
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