Renko Chart Alerts with Pivots

Add alerts to renko charts to be notified when:

  • new brick
  • brick up
  • brick down
  • direction change
  • direction change up
  • direction change down

Also shows pivots based on brick reversals. Alerts also available for:

You can hide the plots for pivot high/low and breakouts in the style tab of the settings for the indicator.

To add the alerts:

  • add the indicator to your renko chart
  • click add alert
  • click the condition dropdown and choose Renko Alerts
  • you should see all the alerts there and you can add any one or more to your chart
Информация о релизе: fixed code for Direction Change Up and Direction Change Down alerts
Информация о релизе:
  • Added ability to see higher/lower high/Lows and alerts for them
  • Ability to use bricks with wicks as pivots
  • Alerts added for New Pivot, New Pivot High and New Pivot Low
Информация о релизе: updated to show only the indicator on the chart
Информация о релизе: publishing again to show only the indicator as previous publish still had other indicators on it
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interesting, do you plan on releasing an alert for trendline breakouts and lines ?
ragamufin MrBullardi
@MrBullardi, sorry, no such plans in the works
Sorry, I'm novice.
I'm in MT4
Is this code can be compiler by MetaEditor ? If yes, How to do this. Many Thanks !
ragamufin hectorabcd
@hectorabcd, I'm sorry I've never used MetaEditor or MetaTrader so I'm not sure how that platform works. Sorry.
hectorabcd ragamufin
Oh, Many Thanks for your kind answer.
I thought this could be possible.
Nice day
Could you please make it possible to configure stop loss alerts for ¨brick_dir_changed¨ up and down, with 2 or 3 bricks? Or tell me how to do it above the same script? It would be very useful to operate with automatic signals
Do you have Uni-renko type indicator that used in NinjaTrader?
+6 Ответить
ragamufin psmprince
@psmprince, hi, sorry, I have no idea what that is
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