Here I propose a simple trend following system, where one can ride out moves in a trending direction and use it to reenter the trades in the direction of the trend. This band is also capable of tracking down the strength of the price action, there will be a real indication of compression in price movement and expansion.

These zones usually blow traders' accounts when they trade MA's, they end up taking too many trades in the compression zones, it an inherent fault with the MA systems, no matter which MA you use. This, however, is a very clear indicator to avoid these compression zones to take the trade and enter only when price gives clear breakout.

This indicator does not require user input and it works on all TF and all instruments, as long as there is a price, this will work.

Past performance is no assurance of future success. This is an idea for education purposes only.
Please note that this is coded using TV's newly introduced array functions, so it's extremely snappy.

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