MA+ is a multi time frame moving average indicator with more than a dozen different moving averages (like KAMA , VAMA , JMA , HMA and much more).
More moving averages will be added on every update, hence Follow me to get notified.

MA+ Supports automatic (AUTO in settings) time frame multiplier. For example, if you set 'Auto Resolution Multiplier' to 6, and your base chart is 5 minutes, the moving averages will plot at 5 * 6 = 30 minutes.
You can still use 'User Defined' to use your own time frame without using the multiplier.
Use higher time frame than the base chart time frame to avoid repainting.
Default multiplier for higher time frame is 2.

Supports Signals 1 (rising MA) or -1 (falling MA) to attach to another indicator.
Bars are not colored by default.
Just for this great community, You can request in the comments other moving averages that do not exists in MA+.
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Appreciation of my work:


Looks good but I can not find it in the library under the name MA+
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dman103 Mert2
@Mert2, In that case, Do 'Add to Favorite Scripts' and it will appear in your Favorite scripts.
Excellent script, thanks
dman103 MasBart
@MasBart, Super 👍
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