Multiple Moving Averages for Heikin Ashi

I want to give credits to @QuantNomad, i got the heikin ashi part of the script from this open script /0iKy7lyG-QuantNomad-Heikin-Ashi-PSAR-Strategy/;
and to the other guy that provided a 17 type of moving average script open source but i forgot his name, if someone remember please tell me.

My idea was to see how the different types of moving averages behaves in a Heinkin Ashi chart, you can change to more than 15 types of Moving Average and use it the way you want it.

For the source of the moving averages i used a simple moving average of 1 period using the high of the heikin ashi candle, low of it and divided by 2 as the source of the different types of moving averages.

Different types of Moving Averages

Moving Average Types

SMA ---> Simple
WMA ---> Weighted
VWMA ---> Volume Weighted
EMA ---> Exponential
DEMA ---> Double EMA
ALMA ---> Arnaud Legoux
HMA ---> Hull MA
SMMA ---> Smoothed
LSMA ---> Least Squares
KAMA ---> Kaufman Adaptive
TEMA ---> Triple EMA
ZLEMA ---> Zero Lag
FRAMA ---> Fractal Adaptive
VIDYA ---> Variable Index Dynamic Average
JMA ---> Jurik Moving Average
T3 ---> Tillson
TRIMA ---> Triangular

The type of moving average you select will appear in a separated chart with Heikin Ashi candles, like in the image above.
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