Moving Average Range Channels [DW]

This study is an experiment based off the concept used in my Dynamic Range Channel indicator.
Rather than using a McGinley Dynamic, a moving average of your choice is used in this calculation.

There are eight different moving average types to choose from in this script:
- Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average
- Geometric Moving Average
- Hull Moving Average
- Volume Weighted Moving Average
- Least Squares Moving Average
- Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
- Exponential Moving Average
- Simple Moving Average

For a more refined picture of volatility , I've added upper and lower extension channels. They are calculated by adding the upper half range to the channel high, and subtracting the lower half range from the channel low.

The new custom bar color scheme indicates trends, midline crosses, MA crosses, and overbought and oversold conditions.
Информация о релизе: Updates:
Expanded the available moving average types. The available moving averages now in this script are:
-Exponential Moving Average
-Simple Moving Average
-Smoothed Moving Average
-Weighted Moving Average
-Volume Weighted Moving Average
-Hull Moving Average
-Least Squares Moving Average
-Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
-Coefficient of Variation Weighted Moving Average
-Fractal Adaptive Moving Average
-Kaufman's Adaptive Moving Average

New simplified bar color scheme is now included for simple signal spotting.
Информация о релизе: Updates:

Added Double Exponential Moving Average to the list of available moving averages.

Added volume type for VWMA calculation.

Moving Average Type is now an easy to use dropdown menu.

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