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This is a very quick script indicator to show the “grid” for an active (or one you are planning to manually configure) 3commas Grid bot.

To use, you’ll need to go to your Grid bot page in 3commas and enter the Upper and Lower Limit Values, either from the “manual” section if you are planning a new Grid bot, or from an open Grid trade by clicking the monthly button and using the Upper value (in green) and the Lower value (in red).

Have fun!
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How do you EDIT and ADJUST a grid bot that's been running for a few days?
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fictou mounty123
@mounty123, disable or delete it..then recreate a new one...what I am doing...
Thank You
Awesome work .. . Very helpful .. huge THUMBS UP!
@buysil, I wish I had more time in the day to make this a bit more interactive, 😂, hopefully I’ll get round to it or some other more talented person can run with the basics I outlined above! 😁
What is the indicator for. Im confused.
ChrisKaye MegalodonTrading
@MegalodonTrading, Hi, 3commas released a beta “Grid Trading Bot” - this indicator allows you to plumb in your lower and upper limits for the grid bot and then visualise the buy and sell steps on your chart.
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