Moving Averages (gotta plot them all!)

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The length of the lookback period and the type of moving average can be changed in the inputs tab of the indicator.
The type of moving average can be selected from:

  • Simple Moving Averages
  • Exponential Moving Averages
  • Symmetrically Weighted Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Averages
  • Volume-weighted Moving Averages
  • Moving average used in RSI
  • Arnaud Legoux Moving Averages

The source of prices to use in the calculation can be selected from:
  • close
  • open
  • high
  • low
  • (high + low + close + open)/4
  • (high + low)/2
  • (high + low + close)/3

Line-weight and colours can be edited in the style tab of the indicator.
The default is to plot the SMAs using a length of 20, 50, 100 and 200.

A simpler version of this script is available here:
Информация о релизе: Reverted to the previous version as TView fixed bug.
Информация о релизе: Added an option for double exponential moving averages (DEMA).
Информация о релизе: I have added an option to plot a moving average ribbon.
You can customize all features and can plot the colour based on whether the line if sloping up (green), down (red) or "flat" (orange).
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HI May I have access to your script please :-)
SemiQuant bmstrading
Hi @bmstrading, just favoraite it and it will show up in your list. Theres also this version where you can plot a MA ribbon etc.
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