Go_up vwap-rsi

It is the popular RSI indicator with VWAP as a source instead of close.
VWAP ( Volume Weighted Average Price ) is one of the derived moving average indicators that takes volumes into account in price averaging. VWAP stands for Volume Weighted Average Price .

Oversold - bottom line RSI-VWAP
Take profit and stop loss when a certain percentage is reached
//Settings next entry and grid:
Allow signal lower than,% - the next entry into a trade from logic occurs only when a decrease by a certain percentage
Allow grid,% - when the price drops by the percentage specified in the settings, the entry will take place, but only on the next bar.
-Testing results for any period of time
For this strategy, we use pyramiding, we adjust the number of inputs in the "properties" section, by default left 20.
Look at the results in the past and adjust the settings for your capabilities and pitfalls. The default costs 25 entries for $ 400
Change the settings - find better results. share in the comments

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