Zendog SHORT DCA Trigger RSI+StochRSI

This is a script that generates a SELL signal by combining RSI and Stochastic RSI into the same script and that can easily be integrated into an external Backtester like the one I published.
The script uses default values for RSI and Stochastic RSI overbought conditions.
They should be adjusted for specific assets and timeframes so they better match the current trend. Please beware you might overfit settings to match a short timeframe trend (like a few days or hours). If this is the case once the trend changes the signals will not be accurate.

The purpose of this script is to provide some pine code that can be used to further combine multiple indicators into a SHORT Deal Start signal.

Integration with the Zendog Backtster:
- add the backtester on the chart
- add this script on the chart
- in the Zendog backtester Deal start type select "External indicator"
- in the Zendog backtester Indicator source and value select "Zendog SHORT DCA Trigger RSI+StochRSI: SIGNAL"

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