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This indicator (Vilarso PRO script) is based on mathematical calculations of the average price on the chart for a certain period of time. Trading volumes, volatility and candlestick patterns are taken into account. For active trading, there is a linear regression channel that calculates the price correlation coefficient .

The indicator shows entry points to the zones of active purchases and sales. Detects high and low price values. It takes into account the direction of the trend and repaints candles / bars in a given direction. An exception to the trend is present (locally) in the lateral “flat” movement - this must be taken into account in the framework of technical analysis .

Indicator signals appear on the chart with increased volumes of the candle in the moment and without delay. Signal fixing occurs from the moment a new candle is opened. In the meantime, the current one is open - the signal may cancel according to logic ( volume , candlestick model, breakdown of the level above the average price, period of volatility , etc.).

Thanks to this function (signals at the moment the candle opens), you can configure the alert signals from the indicator to fit your trading strategy and receive in the form of sound notifications on the monitor or in the tradingview application on your smartphone. This is done in order not to miss anything in the market.

The indicator (Vilarso PRO script) can be used on any timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month / year. There are special settings for three main modes or trading strategies:
- Active (intraday / scalping)
- Standard (inside the week / swing)
- Aged (within a month / trend)

- Recommended for use with additional technical analysis tools.
- Before applying this indicator - be sure to study its behavior on the history of the chart!
- Tradingview users can set up personal alerts only with a paid subscription: PRO (10pcs), PRO + (30pcs), Premium (200pcs).
- Vilarso took care of those who do not have a paid subscription to tradingview. My indicator is configured for notifications in the telegram channel and is available to everyone who uses this indicator.

Access restricted!
Информация о релизе: Changes have been made to the code, the color of the linear regression channel will change for the dark offset of the graph. And, updated the maximum number of bars of historical data that can be referenced by the built-in variable.
Информация о релизе: Changes and additions have been made to the code. The entry / exit pivot levels have now been added to the linear regression channel. Conventional name "Whale levels" for which large limit orders are placed in the order books.

Additionally, I changed the value of one moving average to a higher priority.
Информация о релизе: Changes have been made to the code. Updated the maximum number of historical data columns that an embedded variable can reference. Thanks to this, it became possible to view the historical data of the "Whale Levels" of the reversal, the entry / exit of which large limit orders are placed in the order book.
Информация о релизе: Fixed the error in the reference weight and the length of candlestick / bar data. Now the indicator works properly on any timeframe.

For variables, the default buffer size is defined by the standard one. Hope this helps.


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