Margin Zones Universal

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This indicator can be used for all currency pairs.
Информация о релизе: Обновленная версия
Информация о релизе: updated version
Информация о релизе: Update - Added a switch and additional tickers.
Tickers "1" correspond to the symbol "A", tickers "2" - to the symbol "B", respectively.
Setting up:
"Input Symbol"-you must enter the name of the instrument you are trading, for example BTCUSD.
"Margin"-This data is in the cme group in the section "contract specification"
"Tick Cost"-This data is also on the cme group.
"Base Price"-To determine this price, you need to use the built-in tool "fixed volume profile" on the side panel of the drawing tools.
For this it is necessary to stretch the "fixed volume profile" in the accumulation area.
Accumulation is a sideways price movement, i.e. flat

Do not hesitate to ask me questions, I am ready to work with everyone and explain everything in detail, I share my knowledge absolutely free.
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