TrendMaAlignmentStrategy - Long term trades

This is another strategy based on moving average alignment and HighLow periods. This is more suitable for long term trend traders and mainly for stocks.

Candle is colored lime if : Lookback Period has at least one bar with moving averages fully aligned OR None of the bars in Lookback periods has negatively aligned moving averages (More than half are positively aligned).
Candle is colored orange if : Lookback Period has at least one bar with moving averages fully aligned in negative way OR none of the bars in lookback has positively aligned moving averages (More than half are negatively aligned).
If either of above conditions are met, candle is colored silver .

Moving average alignment parameters:
  • Moving Average Type : MA Type for calculating Aligned Moving Average Index
  • Lookback Period : Lookback period to check highest and lowest Moving Average index.

HighLow parameters:
  • Short High/Low Period: Short period to check highs and lows
  • Long High/Low Period: Longer Period to check highs and lows.

If short period high == long period high, which means, instrument has made new high in the short period.

ATR Parameters:
  • ATR Length: ATR periods
  • StopMultiplyer: To set stop loss.
  • ReentryStopMultiplyer: This is used when signal is green buy stop loss on previous trade is hit. In such cases, new order will not be placed until it has certain distance from stop line.

Trade Prameters:
  • Exit on Signal : To be used with caution. Enabling it will allow us to get out on bad trades early and helps exit trades in long consolidation periods. But, this may also cause early exit in the trend. If instrument is trending nicely, it is better to keep this setting unchecked.
  • Trade direction : Default is long only. Short trades are not so successful in backtest. Use it with caution.
  • Backtest years : limit backtesting to certain years.

Part of the logic used from study's below:

Other strategies based on these two studies are below (which are meant for short - medium terms):

Информация о релизе: Reverse color on stop-compound line.
Информация о релизе: Include separate compound multiplier for compound calculation
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