[M]BO Sniper v3

And so, I hope the final version of this script. Removed all the superfluous and left only your favorite arrows, but it's not so easy and you have to sweat a bit to start earning with this script. A script is a mixture of several indicators, setups, etc. And the dry statistics on any currency pair ( gold , silver too) for 5m TF in the worst case will be equal to 70% of ITM transactions with the correct setting.
Do not forget to click the right button on the scale of the graph to put a check mark on "Ignore the indicator scale"
Three options will be available in the settings: trading time; Calibration; Show statistics.
Calibration - by default it costs 325 and in my opinion is the most successful. I recommend to change this parameter in the range from 300 to 450, but I warn that the lower the value the more inputs and less% ITM , the higher the value the less the inputs, but above the% ITM .
Show statistics - by enabling this option you will see statistics on ITM OTM and% ITM on the graph to the right of the script name. More details in the screenshot.
Trading time is the most important parameter of all) It depends on which currency pairs you will trade. Time should be indicated in the TCB, for example, for Moscow time it will be -7 hours. those. If I want to specify my trading hours from 09:00 - 21:00, then by TCB in the settings I have to write 02:00 - 14:00. To find out your time, go to Google ).
And so, the time of trade. You need to specify your trading time, look at the statistics and determine which currency pairs during this period are the most successful and trade on them. For 5m TF statistics is displayed approximately the last 25 days.

Now on account of how and where to enter.
On the chart you will see crosses and arrows, where they will be very close, and somewhere far apart. The cross shows the minimum entry point, and the arrow maximum (the arrow is drawn at the maximum to be honest, so it should be =)). Conditions of entry up: the price goes down, we wait for the cross to appear (the arrow will automatically appear the same), the price should go further below the cross and at the moment when the price starts to rise back it is necessary to make a deal to the end of the next candle, i.e. 5 minutes + remaining from the current candle. Entry conditions down: everything is the same, only the other way around)
This way of completing transactions will increase the number of ITMs and save transactions from OTM. On average, a day will have 2-3 entries per pair, on Gold there will be more than 2 times.
Or do your own and share in the comments, no one will beat you for it)

As for access to the script, write to private messages and wait patiently for a reply.

Google translate..
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hi, can i have access plz.
Please provide access.
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looks great,can I have access please
looks great,can I have access please
hey, can i have access plz?
Maga3 lowkeyak
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hi, can i have access plz.
Maga3 ralla1214
@ralla1214, ок
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Maga3 ralla1214
@ralla1214, mmm no
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Hello! How it is possible to get access to your script? Thanks.
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