UCS_Option Expiry

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This is an update to two indicators.

The Blue Label would be the Weekly Options Expiry
The Orange Label would be the Monthly Options Expiry.

And you have a choice to pick.


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// Update to Friday's Indicator

study("UCS_Option Expiry", overlay = true, precision = 0)

ew = input(true, title = "Weekly Expiry")
em = input(false, title = "Montly Expiry")

x = isdaily and dayofweek == 6
a = (dayofweek[1] == 5 and dayofweek == 2) or (dayofweek[1] == 5 and dayofweek == 3)

y = isdaily and dayofmonth < 22 and dayofmonth > 14

xoe = em == 1 and ((y and a) or (y and x)) ? 1 : 0
xwe = ew == 1 and (x or a) ? 2 : 0

icolor = xoe == 1 ? orange : xwe == 2 ? aqua : na 

expiry = xoe or xwe

plotshape(expiry, style = shape.labeldown, location = location.top, color = icolor, title = "Option Expiry", text = "Expiry" , textcolor = black)


Great indicator. I am not a pine script person and wondering if an easy way to modify to plot a line at the candle close instead of the text output? It would be great to see the closing option prices for past 9-12 months and use them as possible support/resistance levels.
Hi, how can I project the monthly espiry to the year 2020? to point me in the blank graph of 2020 the days I tell it?
Hello it´s so good!!!
but I install it and it doesn't paint my expirations. That I have to do? I copied it as you wrote it
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