This is a beta release of the Hxro Games, Ltd. trading suite w/ basic functionality.


Trend Logic:
- Lime = Uptrend
- Pink = Downtrend

- White = Yearly
- Pink = Monthly
- Lime = Weekly
- Silver = 3d

Entry Candles:
- White = Bullish Entry
- Silver = Bearish Pivot

While the script should work fantastically on all timeframes / assets, the trend logic / entry candles are best suited for 4h timeframes and up.

This suite is brought to you by , a new way to play cryptocurrency markets.
Our MoonRekt( tm ) game simplifies the trading process by allowing users to simply pick "Moon" or "Rekt" and receive payouts based on if the next candle closes up or down.

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can this be used on Forex pairs, I tried and it does show trend lines....what do you think?
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