Potato Signal

The potato signal requires no changes other than that the source to be used is wolfpack ID.

Apply to chart and let it do the work for you.

It is a buy and sell signal for all potatoes.

A signal designed to work along side of other indicators.

When it says buy, you long, when it says sell, you short.
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guys if you have any questions about the indicator please head over to either my Twitch Channel, as i have a 24/7 Livestream going or head to the discord. for more details.
can this be used on 1m time frame? just trying it now, it seems to generate some misleading or false positive.... For example, on the 1m like sell, then 1 minute later, buy, then 2 minutes later sell.
Which candles are best to use for your script?
Looking good potato man
Thanks BakedPotato -- I am looking forward to trying it out!!
Hello... can I ask what the indicators you use?
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