Sweat Dreams - Extra high profitable

  • Available for all time frames
  • Available for all crypto currency pairs
  • High-profitable on all time frames
  • The script is the dream of all traders
  • Repaints like a boss.
  • Use at your own risk, or don't use at all!
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I am using this strategy on multiple timeframes in my tradingbot. Though only 48% of all trades are profitable ( strategy tester was over 70%), i made over 34% profit in 20 days ( 5 min TF BTCUSD).

Do you advice further optimization of this strategy or should the current settings also be fine?

In which market does this strategy perform the best ( bull/ bear/ neutral)?
i found a lot of repaint
Octocat trhatom
@trhatom, read description with attention! I I wrote - repaint like a boss.
Tsentr Octocat
@Octocat, can you help me? I need a SMA indicator that repaint. it has to use current candle price as last candle slose price. any ideas how to do it?
thanks your script
could you explain what dose it mean ?

"strategy.entry("Buy", true, when=(buy and (time > timestamp(fromYear, fromMonth, fromDay, 00, 00)) and (time < timestamp(toYear, toMonth, toDay, 23, 59))))"
"strategy.close("Buy", when=(sell and (time < timestamp(toYear, toMonth, toDay, 23, 59))))"
Octocat trhatom
@trhatom, strategy.entry("Buy", true,.... -mean open long position, when=(buy .... -buy signal received., and (time > timestamp(fromYear, fromMonth,......... - strategy backtest time start.
With - strategy.close("Buy", when...... the same as previous, but close long position.
If you want you can sent it to me: dpanday77@gmail.com
Octocat dpanday
@dpanday, find me in discord autoview community, nickname: kos-mos
I'm not familiar with the pine script. Can you please make the adjustment in the script and sent to me?
Hello, great script! But i got a question. I see that the signal is displayed when the second bar is opened and therefor the plot signal (0.0000..) does not react anymore. I want to catch the change of this plot. So is it possible to have this plot signal continue have the changed value?
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