Project Mars

Project Mars is a next generation trend following system that finds a balance between the sensitivity and smoothness needed for well timed trades, without any lagging or repainting. This indicator has two sets of lines that help you with entries and exits with their respective crossover signals. The blue lines work together work together to try to give early signals to emerging trends. When the light blue line is over the dark blue line that is bullish , and when the light blue line is under the dark blue line that is bearish . The red lines work together to confirm new trends, they react slower than the blue lines but add an additional layer of confluence. When the light red line is over the dark red line that is bullish , and when the light red line is under the dark red line that is bearish . If you're looking for longer or shorter term opportunities you can set the lengths of the lines to be longer or shorter. If the lengths of the lines are satisfactory you can still adjust the sensitivity of the blue lines by adjusting the sensitivity setting.

This indicator works by a proprietary de-noising technique that does its best to decide which movements are just market noise and which movements traders should focus on.

To start your free four day trial please see the link below to receive access and free tutorials for this indicator!
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