Stacked Moving Averages

The Stacked Moving Averages indicator lets you see if a ticker is in an uptrend, downtrend, or no trend based on the condition of the moving averages. If the moving averages are stacked such that MA1>MA2>MA3>MA4>MA5, then that is described as an uptrend. If the moving averages are stacked such that MA5>MA4>MA3>MA2>MA1, then that is defined as a downtrend.
The moving averages can be SMA , EMA , or DEMA , and it’s possible to view all the moving average series in the chart or hide all series and only see if there is an uptrend or downtrend according to the condition.
Note: If length 4 OR length 5 is zero the MA4 OR MA5 will be ignored.
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Hi, how would I create alerts when the moving averages are all stacked bullishly or bearishly?
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dvinales flexividhelp
@flexividhelp, Not yet but i will consider this for the next version!
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Hi @dvinales
Does the signals only show on a specific timeframe? I’m using the 5 and 15 min on AMZN and it’s not showing the signals
Amazing job
great work; loved this. hope you have more coming