ATR - ATR from Low, ATR from High Labels

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Checks what the average true range is for the X amount of trading days. Then will also label the ATR from the low, and the ATR from the high of the current day.

A second label can be created dependent on current days RVOL %. If RVOL is not 0 or 1, then it will create the second label. Otherwise it will just leave it as the standard label.

The calculation for second label is RVOL * ATR.
Информация о релизе: ATR label, which labels 1 ATR down from the high of the day, and also 1 ATR up from the low of the day.

There is also possibility to put in custom ATR (i.e 1.5 x ATR, or 2 x ATR) by adjusting the RVOL details.

There is some code to start calculating RVOL, and then adjusting ATR based on RVOL, although that is not complete.
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