This is the product of 9 different indicators working together + many sleepless nights.
TradingView is such a great platform for making fake back-testing that I even could write a book "1001 ways to get 1001% a month on TV"
So this version has NO REPAINTING! This is a true strategy that doesn't change past just to look better.
Why? Because I double-checked orders live (for 1 week). Also TV has Market Simulator (icon on the top) to check fake strategies.
If the result on particular period is different than it shows on your back-testing - then congratulations! You have repainting.
I guess about 90% of strategies on TV repaint. It is the dramatic truth.

If you'd like to connect to our bot via binance API key and try automatic orders for FREE - let me know:
This script will be updated soon. Now it's quite weak though.

Back-testing below: ETH/USDT, commission 0.05%

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