Higher High / Lower Low based on Heikin Ashi

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A different approach to finding higher highs and lower lows.

Heikin Ashi candles filter out most of the noise from liquidity sweeps and high volatility and give us a nice, normalized trend indication.

When so many HA Candles follow in the opposite direction to the previous trend, it can be seen as a trend reversal.
In turn, we can use this to detect highest high and lowest low during that previous trend, which might be a more correct representation of a high/low point due to the HA noise filtering.

This way, we won't see so many HH, LH, HL, LL signals while still in a single leg of the internal structure.

This indicator also shows you where an Equal High and Equal Low is present, which can serve as an additional indication of a trend reversal.
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updated with more accurate version of finding highest highs and lowest lows between HA trends
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