cruptouranium ☭

Now everyone has free access to the script until February 25th. Later it will be sold for $ 35 per month
Test this script, it can be useful for you.

The reversal zone is calculated in this script, it is indicated by a purple arrow.
Now the strong growth of the crypto currency has ended, while the market is calm this script will give good forecasts.

Use it on all crypto-currencies, I recommend use on: XPR , LTC, BCH and BTC .
I recommend using the script on the 1H timeframe, because it was configured for this timeframe.
Work with other timeframes will be not correct.

For a detailed study of working with the script, see there:

If you have any questions, write to me in messages or mail: n.ww@ro.ru
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Hi, possible trial mode before paying? Thx
Hello, could I try this please? Also how do we pay you if we want to use it monthly?
I would love to try this for a day or two if it wouldn't be to much trouble.
Hi man
wanna try before buy
pls let me in
Can I see the script? thanks
Can I see your script? thanks
access please . thanks!!!
Can it be used on forex pairs?
Great! can I try? )
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