HMA-Kahlman Trend & Trendlines

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This script utilizes two modules, Trendlines module (by Joris Duyck) and HMA-Kahlman Trend module. Trendlines module produces crossovers predictive of the next local trend.
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Please, how can i set alert on signals ?
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Great work I want it to add in rsi how will I add this script to rsi not in candlestick please help I don't know coding
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Still dont get it! i wanne set up the alarm when the " S" or " B" start up..... but with plot, plot, shapes, shapes, plot and plot makes it very difficult, becouse the alarm gives by some pair a buy signlel when you need to sell and other wise! why there is not " buy" and just a sell option?
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Great work here - again, using a very good base and improving upon it. On @Kirk65 point, I think the volume idea is great - even using something like elders force or the forward-reverse ema to keep you in the trade/avoid the false sell signals. Can you setup alerts based on something like that? Eg, if in uptrend and volume up (force index or something like that), stay in trade, else, sell and go short? maybe stay in a 1h based on a 4h or 15M base on 1h? Contact me if you can - I'll pay for it.
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capissimo Hunter-Gatherer
@Hunter-Gatherer, thx for your ideas. Am thinking how to do it...
it's REPAINTING..not good
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This script looks great, thank you for sharing. Is it possible to set alerts in trading view to auto trade the buy and sell signals?
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What is the best timeframe for using this script? To me, it looks like 15 min and 2 hours are more precise.
This is my first comment after looking at a reasonable number - Just paid my fees to TView and starting to use above MotiveWave. I am only just starting to learn Pine Script and a slow learner.
IMO: Very good and useable. This looks to me as though it could be a very good Stop Capital Loss and then Stop Profit Loss RISING PIVOT indicator etc. and the opposite Buy strategy with some work. Rising Stop options to the previous 1/2/3/ pivot low or create/select an adjustable major low/Sell alert. ALSO consider including a percentage attachment. I am not a day trader moving towards a weekly/monthly type trader?
My personal preferred base includes HMA, RSI, MACD and Coppock.
Can i use in trading bot? will it work for auto trading?
pls advice
thank you