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Hello Everyone. Sometimes we need some indicators and each one needs seperated window. with this tool we can see indicators by choosing it from pull down menu, in the same window.

Currently you can choose RSI , MACD , Commodity Channel Index ( CCI ), Momentum, Stochastic , Stochastic RSI , Directional Movement Index (DMI), Chaikin Money Flow ( CMF ), On-Balance Volume (OBV), Average True Range (ATR), Volume Weigthed MACD (VWMACD).

some screen shots:



Stochastic RSI

Let me know if you need any other indicator in this tool.

Информация о релизе: Columns part fixed.
Информация о релизе: a few more:


Volume Weigthed MACD:

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Great idea to save screen space!
Gr, JD.
Hi LonsomeTheBlue - Can you please add a horizontal line on the colored background of the indicator? For example you can clearly see when the indicator crosses below 0 or crosses above. I know you can look to the left to see the value but this way it's easier on the eye. Thanks.
ViSi0nZ ViSi0nZ
@ViSi0nZ, That way I can set an alert also, for when said indicator crosses above or below the horizontal line 0. Thanks again.
Hi, great script! Can you add MFI Money Flow indicator?
jal000 jal000
Also add in BBW bollinger band width?
how about adding MTF feature to all the Indicators?
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Which indicator is your favorite?
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@rahulsane, rsi, macd, dmi, volume. but usually main problem is that the indicators use moving averages and we try to predict the future from past movements using. I believe we better focus on price movements, trend lines, support/resistance, volume, candle patterns etc and try to understand other traders mood
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Very good idea, thank you. Separate question, how to set alert specifically for Pivot High Pivot Low in "Divergence for Many Indicator v3"? Thanks!
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Thank you for your contribute!

Are you going to integrate it with "Divergence for many indicator v3" ?
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