Cyber Ensemble Strategy

Strategy base on CYBER ENSEMBLE, with stop-loss algorithm integrated.

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In no way is this intended as a financial/investment/trading advice. You are responsible for your own investment decisions and trades.
Please exercise your own judgement for your own trades base on your own risk-aversion level and goals as an investor or a trader. The use of OTHER indicators and analysis in conjunction (tailored to your own style of investing/trading) will help improve confidence of your analysis, for you to determine your own trade decisions.

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Please check out my other indicators sets and series, e.g.
  • LIVIDITIUM (dynamic levels),
  • AEONDRIFT (multi-levels standard deviation bands),
  • FUSIONGAPS (MA based oscillators),
  • MAJESTIC (Momentum/Acceleration/Jerk Oscillators),
  • PRISM (pSAR based oscillator, with RSI /StochRSI as well as Momentum/Acceleration/Jerk indicators),
  • PDF ( parabolic SAR /w HighLow Trends Indicator/Bar-color-marking + Dynamic Fib Retrace and Extension Level)
  • and more to come.
Constructive feedback and suggestions are welcome.

To continue to keep this strategy free to use, especially if it has benefited your trades, please consider tipping a little of any gains you've made to my HRT fund. =D
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Информация о релизе: Changed scoring threshold.
Информация о релизе:
Optimized default strategy settings.

Cyber Ensemble Strategy appears to perform the best on the 4 hour chart for Bitcoin.
Информация о релизе: Adjusted stop-loss algorithm.
Информация о релизе: Cyber Ensemble Strategy also appears to perform even better on the 6 hour chart for Bitcoin.
Информация о релизе:

  • Buy/Sell signals are now turned on as the default (can be manually disabled in settings).
  • The Stop-Limit Strategy algorithms are turned on as the default as well (can be manually disabled in settings).
  • Score Heat-Map can be enabled if the user so chooses.
Информация о релизе: Profitability further boosted with the implementation of AEONDRIFT scoring filters.
Информация о релизе: RCVI pruning algorithm can now be disabled as well.
Информация о релизе: Updated Score-Heat-Map levels' transparencies.
Информация о релизе:
The use of Heikin Ashi candles (ignoring the warning message), rather than trading according to traditional candles, appears to further boost the performances of my strategies quite significantly.
Works well even down to the 15mins charts for BTCUSD.

Highest Profit Factor (>20) achieved on the 1D BTCUSD chart.
Информация о релизе:
An example (1D) chart using Heikin Ashi candles to modulate the strategy algorithms:

Информация о релизе: Updated parameters.
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