Momentum Explosion 2CCI RSI

"Momentum Explosion Template for Mobile Metatrader", that is a trading system trend momentum based on two Commodity Channel Index ( CCI ) , RSI and two Moving Averages.The trading signals are generated by the crossing of the moving averages confirmed by the agreement of the two CCIs and the RSI .

Two Moving averages Filtered by double CCI and RSI

Credit is to Dimitri Author Beejay (Forex Factory)

Trading Rules Momentum Explosion

EMA 8 crosses upward SMA 26.
CCI 34 periods > 0
CCI 55 periods > 0
RSI 26 > 48.

EMA 8 crosses downward SMA 26.
CCI 34 periods < 0
CCI 55 periods < 0
RSI 26 < 48.
Open-source script

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