Bollinger Band and Moving Average v0.1 by JustUncleL

This is another Bollinger Band strategy+indicator in my series of Bollinger based setups. This one is seems to work best with 5min charts and 20 to 30min expiry. The strategy follows variation of a Bollinger band + Moving Averages
reversal strategy, it uses the 2 moving averages mainly to determine market direction.
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// Title: "Bollinger Band and Moving Average Retrace Alert v0.1 by JustUncleL".
// Author: JustUncleL
// Date:   24-Jul-2016
// Version: 0.1
// * Description *
//   Brief: This strategy follows variation of a Bollinger band + Moving Average
//          reversal strategy. Includes warning alert conditions.
//          Can be used 5min and higher charts.
//   Full:  Bollinger is standard calculated from SMA (20,2).
//          The strategy is we wait for a candle that breaks and closes outside
//          the Bollinger Bands and then filter Moving average market direction:
//          if market direction  indicated by (180ema) and (365ema) is in the opposite
//          direction  to breaking candle. We place the binary trade on the 
//          following candle in opposite direction of breaking candle.
//          The next must be a candle in oposite direction and this candle must be
//          bigger the the Bollinger break candle, if this child candle not big
//          enough then test 2nd child candle.
//          All candles must be below or above the moving averages, depending on
//          direction.
//          Breakout identified by shapes:
//          The purple diamonds indicate Bollinger breakout conditions satisfied
//          and indicate a possible trade position approaching.
//          The red or green hightlighted triangle indicate child conditions are
//          satisfied and a PUT/CALL trade can be started after the child candle has
//          closed.  Place a binary trade in direction of market for 15min to 45min, 
//          optimal timeframe will depend on market conditions, needs to practised
//          to become experience, if your unsure just use 30min or closest.
//          Note:
//          - Because the strategy relies on Bollinger bounces off the opposite
//          direction band and strict conditions it does not generate many possible 
//          trade positions, but they should be good. Extra good positions
//          will be generated by disabling the option for candle size rule.
//          - The indicators will repaint until candles have completed, so
//          don't trade until after child candle indicator is complete.
//          - If you use the alrm condition, I recommend set your alarm alert
//          to wait for candle closed.
// * Version Changes *
//   0.1 : Original Version.
// * Reference *
//   This code use Bollinger calc by JayRogers in "[JR] Multi Bollinger Heat Bands - EMA/Break options"
//   This strategy is presented in some of the "BinaryOptionsArmy" youtube trading videos and can
//   be found other places as well.
study("Bollinger Band and Moving Average Retrace Alert v0.1 by JustUncleL", shorttitle="BBEMA v0.1 by JustUncleL", overlay=true, scale=scale.right)
// Collect all the settings, can be changed
bb_length = input(20, minval=1, title="Bollinger Length")
bb_mult = input(2, title="Bollinger Multiplier", minval=0.5, maxval=10)
sFilter   = input(true,title="Use Candle size Filter")
SlowMALen = input(365, minval=2, title="Slow Moving Average Length")
FastMALen = input(180, minval=1, title="Fast Moving Average Length")
dCandles  = input(3, minval=2, title="Candles to test Market Direction")

// Calculate moving averages
FastMA = ema(close, FastMALen)
SlowMA = ema(close, SlowMALen)
// Work out market direction from moving averages and pre-filter candles for rule testing.
// Extra check for rising/falling fastMA to catch change of direction earlier.
direction = FastMA>SlowMA and rising(FastMA,dCandles) and close>FastMA? +1 : FastMA<SlowMA and falling(FastMA,dCandles) and open<FastMA? -1 : 0

// Draw the moving average lines
plot(SlowMA, title="SlowEMA", style=line, linewidth=2, color=red)
plot(FastMA, title="FastEMA", style=line, linewidth=2, color=olive)

// Calculate Bollinger Bands Deviation
bb_basis = sma(close, bb_length)
dev = stdev(close, bb_length)
bb_dev = bb_mult * dev
// Upper band
bb_high = bb_basis + bb_dev
// Lower Band
bb_low = bb_basis - bb_dev
// draw the Bollinger Bands
bb1=plot(bb_high, title="BB High", color=blue, transp=50, linewidth=2) 
bb2=plot(bb_low, title="BB Low", color=blue, transp=50, linewidth=2)
//plot(bb_basis, title="BB Basis", color=teal, transp=50, linewidth=1)
fill(bb1,bb2, title="BB Fill", color=gray, transp=80)

// Check for Mother candle break Bolliger upwards
breakBBup  = close>bb_high and close>open and direction<0 ? na(breakBBup[1]) ? 1 : breakBBup[1]+1 : 0
breakBBdn  = close<bb_low  and close<open and direction>0 ? na(breakBBdn[1]) ? 1 : breakBBdn[1]+1 : 0

// Check for First Child candle
child1BBup = breakBBup==0 and breakBBup[1]>0 ? close<open and direction<0 and (not sFilter or ((open-close)>(close[1]-open[1]))) ? 1 : 0 : 0
child1BBdn = breakBBdn==0 and breakBBdn[1]>0 ? close>open and direction>0 and (not sFilter or ((close-open)>(open[1]-close[1]))) ? 1 : 0 : 0
child2BBup = breakBBup==0 and breakBBup[2]>0 and breakBBup[1]==0 ? close<open and direction<0 and (not sFilter or ((open-close)>(close[2]-open[2]))) ? 1 : 0 : 0
child2BBdn = breakBBdn==0 and breakBBdn[2]>0 and breakBBdn[1]==0 ? close>open and direction>0 and (not sFilter or ((close-open)>(open[2]-close[2]))) ? 1 : 0 : 0

// plot and highlight any breakouts
plotshape(breakBBup, title="BBEMA down Alert", style=shape.diamond,location=location.abovebar, color=fuchsia, transp=0, size=size.tiny)
plotshape(breakBBdn,  title="BBEMA up Alert", style=shape.diamond,location=location.belowbar, color=fuchsia, transp=0, size=size.tiny)
plotshape((child1BBup+child2BBup)>0, title="BBEMA down Arrow", style=shape.triangledown,text="PUT",location=location.abovebar, color=red, transp=0, size=size.tiny)
plotshape((child1BBdn+child2BBdn)>0,  title="BBEMA up Arrow", style=shape.triangleup,text="CALL",location=location.belowbar, color=green, transp=0, size=size.tiny)

// draw background bar to highlight actual trade positions can first or second child.
breakColor = (child1BBdn+child2BBdn)>0  ?  green : (child1BBup+child2BBup)>0 ? red : na 
bgcolor(breakColor, transp=75)

// Generate pre-warning alert condition when Bollinger Band break condition is satisfied or
// when any children forms. I recommend set your alarm alert to wait for candle closed.
// You can be watch and analyse entry decision manually.
alertcondition( breakBBup or breakBBdn or (child1BBup+child2BBup+child1BBdn+child2BBdn)>0, title="BBEMA Alert", message="BBEMA Alert")
// EOF
excellent.. thank you so much! made money today! it works great with penny stocks!
You are welcome. I'm happy you are having some success.
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