Hey all;

Been a while since I posted anything that didnt require approval to use -- so here is one that I really like

I call it 420_osc

essentially it is a volume weighted moving average cross that also take into account some log() filtering and some other cumulative summing

This also has a BBand shrinkage indicator (blue crosses at bottom) to see when the b bands are shrinking and 'explosive movements' are possible in the future.

I use this along side with another script I have yet to publish called 'Volume_Master' which I may release soon -- or not ;) to find confluence signals for anything from crypto to commodities to forex to stocks!

Anyways this script is highly modular and can do more than just VWMA , it can do HullMa, ALMA , TEMA , DEMA , LSMA , and many others as well!

Beware that sometimes if you are using a ticker with bad volume data etc your results may vary.

Enjoy and if you have success feel free to share the love and donate to the coding cause at my btc address shown in my profile

Информация о релизе: Added Ichimoku analysis to the script, made it more similar to ichimoku lengths as well.

white line == TS of Osc

Purple like == KS of Osc

arrows at bottom are crosses

hope this update is useful, I still use this script to this day :)
Информация о релизе: heads up I took out the bband indicator and moved it to 'volumes master' I am using SMA now and not VWMA but it still has the option to be used as VWMA
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Long time no see. i'm your passionate fan.
have a nice day, 420snoop :)
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return of the king
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i want this script
420snoop majedonax
@majedonax, add it to your favorites and it will appear under your Favorited indicators
Spot on Snoop. Nuff love. Hahaha
great example :)
@420snoop, Hey I was wondering do you have any scripts that are profitable for crypto trading. I recently purchased haasbot from haasbotonline.com and I am in search of a script that I can input to do the same strategy that you have formulated is there any way you can help me?
sorry just realized this is on OHLC4 by default some prefer close just a heads up :)
This is an example of the volume based 'Trading Suite' I have been working on -- if I get feedback / love / donations / support from the community I may publish the other 2 indicators in this trading system :)

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