Weekly Volume Heatmap

This tool is designed to visualize how the trading volume of each asset changes during the week.

How to use
This tool can help us better understand the market and answer many questions, such as:

◽ How to avoid getting stop hunted?
Typically, trading volume decreases at certain times of the week, which is the best time for large holders to manipulate the market. Low volume means there is less liquidity in the market. Large transactions in an illiquid market can cause large price changes.
Large holders (whales) have enough capital to push the price in the desired direction to trigger a cascade of stop-loss orders which can move the price further.
After a stop hunt, the market typically reverses, leaving stop hunted traders behind.
It is best to avoid using stop-loss orders and leveraged trading during these hours of the week.

◽ When’s the best time to make decisions
During some hours of the week the trading volume usually decreases; at these times, most traders are inactive and do not participate in transactions.
Therefore, the price changes that occur during these times lack conviction.
It is better to make decisions when there are more active traders in the market. At these periods, a relatively high trading volume is usually observed.

How it works
First, it calculates the average traded volume of each period (for example Monday 9:00 AM) from the first bar to the last bar. It then calculates the ratio of the average traded volume in each period to the average traded volume per week. Finally, the result is displayed as a percentage in each cell.
Different values are distinguished by different background colors. Light colors are used for low values and dark colors are used for high values.

It only works in the 1 hour time frame.

Stock => AAPL

Futures => ES1!

Forex => EURUSD

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