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- Swift Oscillator
- Rapid Oscillator
- Fast Oscillator
- Slow Oscillator
- Creeping Oscillator
Информация о релизе: - updated
Информация о релизе: - updated
Информация о релизе: - updated
Информация о релизе: - updated v2.5

- Acute, fastest line, reacts to price changes quicker
- Faster, quicker version of "fast", thus sooner alerts of price change
- Fast, slower version of "faster", more solid and less noise
- Slow, quicker version of "slower"
- Slower, slower version of "slow" and slowest line
Информация о релизе: updated v3.4

Indicator name changed to £₽1€
Named style options in the style tab
Minor script tweaks
Информация о релизе: updated v3.8

Added magnets to symbolise increased probabilities of long/short
Faster and Fast lines were combined together for ease of use and better visualization
Acute line was made slightly faster
Minor script tweaks
Информация о релизе: Updated v4.3
- Indicator name changed to £p1c to comply with the "House Rules"
- Removed Faster oscillator and made it available via on/off button
- Removed Slower oscillator and made it available via on/off button
- Added new Yin Yang oscillator and it's directional visualisation upon reaching strong overbought/oversold condition.
Yin Yang is now the fastest oscillator and is good for noticing quick changes and potential reversals on current time frame (best used combined with Acute).
Also good for divergence detection and overall weakness/strength on currect time frame in use.
- Removed all custom alerts apart from Magnet Short/Long (as TradingView offers good range of alert customisation.
- Minor script tweaks.
Информация о релизе: Updated v4.4
- Completely removed Faster oscillator
- Completely removed Slower oscillator
- Minor script tweaks
Информация о релизе: Release Notes: Updated v4.7
- Added on/off for Yin Yang Trend ▽△
- Added on/off for Reverser
- Minor script tweaks
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Free Analog
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