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This is the product of 9 different indicators working together + many sleepless nights.
TradingView is such a great platform for making fake back-testing that I even could write a book "1001 ways to get 1001% a month on TV"
So this version has NO REPAINTING!
Why? Because I double-checked orders live (for 1 week). Also TV has Market Simulator (icon on the top) to check fake strategies.
If the result on particular period is different than it shows on your back-testing - then congratulations! You have repainting.
I guess about 90% of strategies on TV repaint. It is the dramatic truth.

This script will be updated soon. Now it's quite weak though.
If you'd like to connect our bot via binance API key and try automatic orders for free - let me know:

Back-testing below: ETH/USDT, commission 0.05%
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