Extended Session High/Low

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This script automatically draws the high/low of after hours and pre-market
Feb 10
Информация о релизе: Extended the line drawn to be clearly visible during market hours
Feb 11
Информация о релизе: You can now input your favorite time where to end looking for a high/low (e.g. ending hour = 10 and ending hour = 30 will mark the high/low until 10:30AM). Default value is ending hour = 9 and ending hour = 30 (9:30AM).
Feb 11
Информация о релизе: Cleaned code
Feb 17
Информация о релизе: Added the possibility to visualize the past and, so, to backtest it more easily. Just unflag the "last only" option and enjoy it!
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I'm getting an error for line 8 stating "'bool' could not be a variable or function name".

Any idea why?

Thank you for putting this together.
Hey FT. Anyway to make this apart of the screening process so can get alerts from multiple stocks when they touch our cross one of these lines?
Hey Roberto, can I show the premarket High/Low on the Daily Chart (when the premarket session is not displayed)?
@hldt041, I am afraid you can't since there a substantial difference on how Pine Script treats the "time" function for the daily time frames or higher. In fact, I couldn't find a way to use any pre-market data on a daily chart at all.
HIgh and Low changes on different timeframe.
@ryanngaikar, Not sure exactly what you mean but it works here on different time frames (smaller than the daily).
can you please make a video on this. I have some confusions sir. Above video is not working. Thank you :)
@ryanngaikar, Hi, thanks for your message. I am unsure about the possibility to add a video to this script. Anyway, this is quite straightforward. The only options you get to choose is the finish time (hour/minute) of the high/low that is set as 9:30AM (the time when the market opens in US) by default. The only other option is "Last Only" that is basically showing the today's extended session high/low in a more clear way. Disabling it would enable better data for past days that can be useful for backtesting purposes. Playing with it for some time should really shed light relatively quick. Do you have any specific black spot on this one?
ryanngaikar freedom_trader_
@freedom_trader_, i trade in Indian market sir and the market opens at 9.15 am . When I edit the minute input = 15 then the indicator get disabled. Can you help me out in this issue. Thanks
@ryanngaikar, I am unsure about the Indian market itself. I tested 9:15AM for the US market and it works just fine. Did you try to disable the "last only option" to see how it performs in past sessions?
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