Triple Kijun Trend by Spiralman

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Ispired from "Oscars Simple Trend Ichimoku Kijun-sen" by CapnOscar

Script displays 3 kijun lines: one for current TF, second one emulates it for TF 4 times higher, third one for x16.
For example on 1H chart there will be 3 kijuns: one for 1H, second one for 4H (emulated), third one for 16H (emulated).
Kijuns change colors based on their position relative to price.

Kijun Sen
The base line, the slower EMA derivative, and a dynamic representation of the mean. With that said, the Kijun serves as both critical support and resistance levels for price. How does it work, and why would the Kijun be superior to commonly used moving average indicators? Fun fact: The Kijun dynamically equalizes itself to be the 50% retracement (or 0.5 Fibonacci level) of price for any given swing, and price will ALWAYS gravitate to the Kijun at some point regardless of how far above or below it is from it. By taking the median of price extremes, the Kijun accounts for volatility that other MAs or EMAs do not. A flat horizontal Kijun means that price extremes have not changed, and that the current trend losing momentum. Crypto-adjusted calculation: (highest high + lowest low) / 2 calculated over the last 60 periods.
Информация о релизе: 1. Added option of assigning Tenkan length divider for usual trigger method
2. Added option to choose Tenkan-Sen as a trigger on corresponding TK crosses which could lead to unexpected color changes though
Информация о релизе: Added option for choosing custom TF multipliers for 2nd and 3rd Kijun lines.
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Really getting some fantastic use out of this! using multipliers of 2x & 4x in the 2 minute Forex :D
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This is very nice, great work.
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