Previously I have published a script for Range Pivots .... But since I am still new to this code I am creating a set of indicators soon to be published as a strategy.
Swing_Pivots_V1 draw lines at the rounded prices for the security.. Based on pip calculation and Period converter built in.. However if it looks like doesnt work on some securities try Pip Multiplier option
or increase pips. Let me know what you think for the V2 thank you
Swing Pivots are Round Price levels where generally find support or resistance ATR multiplier helps to create a zone with Top Bottom lines too... hope it helps :)

I will also publish a Scanner, Wave Counter and Divergence Hunter soon as part of Oxo_SWG package..
Apr 08
Информация о релизе: Code Cleaned.. Plot Titles corrected for Alert Conditions
Apr 09
Информация о релизе: Changed the way it show Pivots... Also since I will publish Wzag soon no need those autoshow...
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I see that the signals are displayed much later. Do you have a script which displays the signals immediately? Because the places of the signals are very good but not usable for realtime trading.
FCUK-U dpanday
@dpanday, Signals are not for Buy Sell and the one gives signals immediately cannot be because you can never know new HH LL.. this work for fellows who uses Elliot Waves and Harmonics to help them
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Hi OxoScanner, may I have access?
This one Swing_Pivots_V1 replacement for my previous indicator Range Pivots... from now on ...If upcoming versions be coded will be named Swing_Pivots_V**
can i access
can i access
ThankYou Veeerrrryyyyy muuuuuccccchhhhhh
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