Moving Average Displaced Envelope

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Moving Average Displaced Envelope . These envelopes are calculated
by multiplying percentage factors with their displaced expotential
moving average ( EMA ) core.
How To Trade Using:
Adjust the envelopes percentage factors to control the quantity and
quality of the signals. If a previous high goes above the envelope
a sell signal is generated. Conversely, if the previous low goes below
the envelope a buy signal is given.
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Hpotter, thank you for this, is it possible to create a script with SMA based envelopes which is plotted back in time by a fixed number of candles/bars (i.e a 20 day SMA envelope is offset by - 10 when plotted, calculation remains the same, but it is moved 10 candles back and plotted) This can be used to identify the major troughs which is the starting point for hursts cycle analysis. Thank you again !
Thanks and you are welcome.
Fantastic one, and is working for me :)
Thank you so much HPotter <3
Wonderful! Thanks for this script!
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