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Indicator for Dominion Trade Strategy. We recommend that you use this indicator in conjunction with the Dominion Strategy, so that you can choose the right parameters for trading. There is the ability to set alerts. There are two types of alerts, the first option for manual trading, and the second for automatic trading with redirection of data on entry and exit in the order. The settings we use are a 5 minute time period with a 60 minute control period. A stop can be either adaptive (calculated from the nearest resistances or supports), or manually set to the percentage of risk determined by you.
Информация о релизе: Added Trend control, also now the strategy tints the trading background on the strategy.

Recommended parameters:

for 5m TF - 60m (Control Period), 360m (Trend)

for 15m TF - 240m (Control Period), 180m (Trend)

for 60m TF - 60m (Control Period), 1440m (Trend)
Информация о релизе: - Update signals for bot
Invite-only script

Access to this script is restricted to users authorized by the author and usually requires payment. You can add it to your favorites, but you will only be able to use it after requesting permission and obtaining it from its author. Contact DominionGroup for more information, or follow the author's instructions below.

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