Noro's Trend Ribbon Strategy

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One moving average ( SMA ) is used. The channel is convened at a moving average rather than prices. Blue is a uptrend. Red is a downtrend.

If the candle has closed above the ribbon - open long (and close short)
If the candle has closed below the ribbon - open short (and close long)
Информация о релизе: + ohlc4
Информация о релизе: + Signal Source
Информация о релизе: + MA Type (sma, ema, vwma)
Информация о релизе: + MA Type (rma)
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This is very nice.. thanks mate!
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hey, i wanted to create an alert of your indicator. But i cant make. Did you have set some privacy or what ?
Hola he querido abrir el indicador

ZZ-5 Strategy

No he podido de ninguna manera

Desearía probarlo, si es posible
He deseado probar el ZZ-5 Strategy

No he podido de ninguna manera
Gracias si me lo puede solucionar

Saludos cordiales
Sir this strategy is useful in shares/option trading?
@vijay12, afigegoznait :)
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jrm-007 ROBO_Trading
@ROBO_Trading, Is it?
Me ha parecido la prueba magnífica

Sus indicadores no me salían nunca tan perfectos
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