Scalpers MACD Master- Amazing on the 3min-5min-15min!!

Do you want to use a good MACD for scalping but find normal MACD to laggy and giving you entries and exits before those big candles? Look no further for the amazing SCALPERS MASTER MACD . This special MACD Script will make you a powerful scalper, giving you great positions for quick profits! Its best used in the 3min,5min, and 15 min chart. Other time frames do work, including larger ones, but this is specially designed for the scalper! Please private message me if interested in accessing this script and check out the other wonderful indicators I have. This works on all assets: cryptocurrency, stocks, nasdaq/s and p 500, oil/gas, and any other asset materials. Good luck trading friends!
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May I use your indicator please??
May I please have access?
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