MIRANDA 5m-strategy

● This strategy made +35% a month on bearish trend! Comission: 0.05%, BTC /USDT, binance.
● It has no repainting. PROOF
● We may connect you to this or any other strategy automated orders FOR FREE.
It works 24/7 via binance API key. After a month of trial you give us 10% of your profit to continue subscription. If it doesn't satisfy you - just keep the profit. You may restrict API access any moment. Nothing to lose. Our best strategy made +1400% in Jan, +300% in Feb and only +16% in the current month because of general market falling. So it depends.
If you bring one more client - you give us just 7% of profit. This is our interest to increase your profit. So we will update scripts to grow it up.
About us: we are a couple of students, finishing our studies. From Russia. You may ask - why do we share MIRANDA if it can make us rich soon? Because we want to do it faster. We lose nothing if ~20 more people use it. Currently there are only 5.
This project was made by us. If you want to try it - contact me here:

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