[BTX] TRIX + MA combined indicator (open version)

This indicator combines TRIX and MA of TRIX in one. You can choose which type of moving average line to be used ( EMA or SMA ).
Default values are 12 periods for TRIX and 10 periods for MA/ TRIX , which helps better response to price movement.
This indicator can use in all markets, all timeframes. This is an update to my indicator, which is a protected script. You can find it at the link: .

What is the TRIX (Triple Exponential Average) indicator?
TRIX is a momentum oscillator that displays the percent rate of change of a triple exponentially smoothed moving average . It was developed in the early 1980s by Jack Hutson, an editor for 'Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities' magazine. With its triple smoothing, TRIX is designed to filter out insignificant price movements. Chartists can use TRIX to generate signals similar to MACD . A signal line can be applied to look for signal line crossovers. A directional bias can be determined with the absolute level. Bullish and bearish divergences can be used to anticipate reversals.

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