5 minute XAUUSD Strategy (Gold)

Most definitely this is the best strategy I have ever coded. (Read Note Below)

Version 3 of PineScript code, 2 contract/lot trades at once, pyramiding = 2.

Commission of 100 pips included on each trade, accurate representation of actual spreads, commission_value = 0.02.

This is essentially 270% of profit in a single month - check the date on the first trade.

Trend following strategy as all the previous ones before, but this one is crazy.

Max drawdown is 34%, all that drawdown and more is profit made, but there cannot be any emotional involvement in this strategy.

Choppy markets produce losses, as is with all trend-following strategies.

(4 lines of code, nice and simple)

Downside - the last month in which this was backtested may not provide actual representation of past movement (market could have been exceptionally trending the last month), (but maybe it does ;v)

Unfortunately, we cannot know because "TRADINGVIEW WON'T OFFER BACKTESTING FOR FARTHER BACK!" fix this please.
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can I get access please?
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Can i get this?
Hi. Can I get access please?
Hi can i get access Please? Cheers! Thanks..
Hi mate, could you please authorize me for this scripts? Looks promising :)
I would like to get an excess. Thanks :)
I would like to get an excess too. Thanks
can i get access please?thanks
Access please, Thanx
Hey, I would like to access the script please, thanks a lot!
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