SILA trend indicator v1.0

My new indicator "SILA 1.0".

BestMA + BarColor + WOW = SILA 1.0 (3 in 1)

1MN, 1W, 1D
Any pair

lime background = uptrend
red background = downtrend
NA color background = 50/50

0 lines = no trend
1 upper line = weak downtrend
2 upper lines = normal downtrend
3 upper lines = strong downtrend
1 lower lines = weak uptrend
2 lower lines = normal uptrend
3 lower lines = strong uptrend
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Связанные идеи

Cough cough survivorship bias
what about the period of 2 weeks in July 2015 that turned briefly with a green background. doesn't it mean that the short position ended there ?just asking and not attacking. cheers good work by the way
noro himeshforex
@himeshforex, miniloss :)
@noro, buy 282 and sell 265 = loss -6.02%
noro himeshforex
joeadante3b himeshforex
@himeshforex, do you actually think there is a perfect indicator that will give you 100% winning trades?
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himeshforex joeadante3b
@joeadante3b, I asked a simple question as an interested prospect, why so aggressive bro ? Perhaps your language translator twisted my sentence to something rude in Russian, please don't come here spewing negativity. If the author of this post has no bone with who you are you be this rude ?
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joeadante3b himeshforex
@himeshforex, how was what I said aggressive or rude?
joeadante3b himeshforex
@himeshforex, it was a "simple question"
himeshforex joeadante3b
@joeadante3b, assclown i understand you are using an outdated language translator software so i will do the right thing and ignore you. its a simple solution as I dont have more than this much time to spend replying to "nonsense mongers"
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