Multi Time Frame Trend, Volume and Momentum Profile


I created this indicator to address some of the significant inconveniences when analyzing a security, such as continually switching between different time frames to determine the trend and potential pullbacks, adding volume or volume-derived indicators, and finally, something that would help me determine the strength of the trend (maybe two additional indicators here). So I decided to code this all-in-one indicator that you can add multiple times to your chart depending on the settings you want to use, or just optimize the parameters for the particular asset and then switch between the options.

As the name suggests, it consists of three main sections - Trend, Volume, and Momentum. You have complete control over the parameters, including the Time Frames you want to use for each one (they can be different). So, let me explain each section in more detail.


1. Trend Settings

In order to determine the trend, you need to set up two Moving Averages. You have a wide choice here - SMA , EMA , WMA , RMA, HMA , DEMA , TEMA , VWMA , and ALMA . Since the indicator does not plot the moving averages on the chart, I strongly suggest using this indicator along with the free "Trend Indicator for Directional Trading(main)", which you can find in the Public Library. Once you set up the Trend Resolution, the Types of MAs, and their lengths, the indicator will generate a histogram of their convergences and divergences.

The change in colors should help you more easily determine the trend:
a) Bright Green - bull trend and price trending up (a good place to open long)
b) Dark Green - bull trend and price trending down (stay flat or open a long position with great caution)
c) Bright Red - bear trend and price trending down (a good place to open short)
d) Dark Red - bear trend and price trending up (stay flat or open a short position with great caution)
e) In addition, you can change the color palette to reflect the bull/bear trend momentum by scrolling to the bottom and selecting "Color Based on Bull/Bear Momentum", but I will discuss this in more detail below.

This part of the indicator is useful for opening a trade in the direction of the trend or for spotting a potential divergence. Both cases are illustrated below.

2. Volume Settings

The calculations for this part of the indicator are partially taken from "Multi Time Frame Effective Volume Profile". I will quickly outline the specifics here, but if you want a more thorough understanding of how it works, please check the description of the MTF Effective Volume Profile indicator.

You have three elements with the following default settings - Resolution ( 5-min ), Lookback (100), and Average(1). This means that the indicator will analyze the last one hundred 5-min bars and will plot a sum of only those that are at least 1 times bigger than the average. Those that are smaller than the average will be left out from the calculation. What you get is a trend line showing you accumulation/distribution based on modified volume parameters.

This part of the indicator is useful for spotting exhaustions and increased buying/selling volume that is opposite to the price trend. As you will see in the picture below, in frame 1 the selling pressure is decreasing, while buying volume is increasing. At one point supply dries out and the bulls take control, thus reverting the price. In frame 2, however, you can see that the higher high is not met with nearly as much buying volume as in the previous peak, showing that the bulls are exhausted and maybe a trend change will follow or at the very least that the bull trend will take a break.

3. Momentum Settings

The final part is an RSI smoothed through a Moving Average with the addition of some minor optimizations. Thus, the parameters you have to configure here aside from the resolution are the RSI length, the moving average that will be used, and its length. Out of the three, this is the most lagging component, but it's also the most accurate one. I must mention that due to the modified nature of this RSI , overbought and oversold levels carry less weight to the trading signals. Rather, pay attention to the change of colors, as they do so when the RSI changes direction based on preset parameters. The picture below shows such instances.

4. Additional Settings

This section consists of 4 elements:
a) Length of Trend - filters out the noise and gives a signal only when the trend becomes more established
b) ADX Threshold - filters out trading ranges and indecision zones when it's not recommended to open a trade
c) Select Analysis - choose what part of the indicator you want to see from a drop-down menu
d) Color Based on Bull/Bear Momentum - a global setting that will override the preset coloring of each indicator and will replace it with colors based on bull/bear strength and momentum - green for bulls, red for bears, and gray for non-trading zones.

The last part of this indicator is a combination of all of the above and is called a Points-Based System. It generates 3 rows of dots that go light green when bull criteria are met, orange when bear criteria are met, or gray when it's neither of the two. When you get a column of 3 green dots you get a buy signal. Similarly, a column of 3 orange dots gives you a sell signal. Grey zones are non-tradeable. It goes without saying that the frequency and quality of the signals you get will almost entirely depend on your settings, so feel free to experiment and adjust the indicator to catch the best moves for the given security.

In terms of indicator adjustments, I have left almost every part open to configuration. That is 15 parameters and 35 adjustable colors.


As much as I would like to offer it for free (as some of my other ones), a great deal of work, trading logic, and testing have gone into creating this indicator. More than a few hundred iterations and a few dozen branches were required to reach the end result which is a precise combination of usefulness, simplicity, and practicality. Furthermore, this indicator will continue to be updated and user-requested features that improve its performance will be added.

Disclaimer: The purpose of all indicators is to indicate potential setups, which may lead to profitable results. No indicator is perfect and certainly, no indicator has a 100% success rate. They are subject to flaws, wrongful interpretation, bugs, etc. This indicator makes no exception. It must be used with a sound money management plan that puts the main emphasis on protecting your capital. Please, do not rely solely on any single indicator to make trading decisions instead of you. Indicators are storytellers, not fortune tellers. They help you see the bigger picture, not the future.

To find out more about how to gain access to this indicator, please use the provided information below or just message me. Thank you for your time.
Информация о релизе: Updated version includes:
✔️ Complete makeover of the user interface (UI) as per the screenshot - https://ibb.co/fHHxQk5
✔️ Some change of key parameters, so that the indicators are slightly more accurate (although you can tweak them any way you want)
✔️ Updated color palette as per the new color.rgb standard set by TradingView
✔️ Some minor code modifications and clean-up for better performance
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@mhhd4wkbsg, sure I've granted you two weeks to test it out. Let me know if you have any questions or anything I can assist with.